Some of the Benefits of OSRD

(Compiled by Massachusetts Office of Coastal Zone Management):


Reduces infrastructure and maintenance costs

Reduces demand to acquire new public parkland

Maintains local character



Protects unique or fragile habitats

Reduces the pollution impacts of stormwater runoff

Promotes aquifer recharge

Provides opportunities to link wildlife habitats

Conservation values are part of the planning process

Can further goals of open space and community development plans


Social and Recreational

Reduces isolation and sprawl

Enhances New England community character

Promotes community involvement

Provides neighborhood trails with an interconnected network of trails and open space

Can be combined with 40 B, the local initiative program, to be an alternative to comprehensive permit to achieve affordable housing accreditation


For the Developer and Realtor

Streamlines plan review process; reduces time and costs

Adds valuable amenities that can enhance marketing and sale prices

Increases resale value; homes in OSRD subdivisions have shown to appreciate faster than those in conventional subdivisions

Provides flexibility to encourage developers to create "Green Neighborhoods"

Decreases site development costs by designing with the terrain

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