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Open Space Residential Design in Massachusetts

This website is an archive of the work of the Green Neighborhoods Alliance, a group comprised of planners, environmentalists, state and municipal officials, lawyers, developers and real estate agents, working together to reshape suburban development to reduce sprawl and minimize environmental impacts.

The Alliance worked together from 1997 through 2004 to promote Open Space Residential Design on the North Shore and throughout Massachusetts. Realizing that the only way to promote a change in residential land development would be to work as a team, the Alliance successfully brought together a wide array of perspectives and diverse interest groups.

For up-to-date information on how the Alliance's work is being continued, please visit Mass Audubon's Shaping the Future of Your Community Program.

Additional information, including presentations about the updated model, is available on Mass Audubon's Shaping The Future website.

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What is Open Space Residential Design(OSRD)?

What municipalities have adopted OSRD? (Includes Map)

What are the advantages of OSRD?

What is the Green Neighborhoods Alliance?

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Open Space Residential Design Download Documents

(You may need a copy of Adobe Acrobat Reader® to read PDF files)

Open Space Residential Design By-right Model Bylaw/Ordinance,34 kb

Open Space Residential Design Site Plan Model Bylaw/Ordinance Rules and Regulations, 14 kb

Open Space Residential Design Special Permit Model Bylaw/Ordinance, 39 kb

Open Space Residential Design Special Permit Model Bylaw/Ordinance Rules and Regulations, 14 kb

Open Space Residential Development, Four Case Studies, 3.72 mb

Open Space Residential Design Project, Booklet for Developing a Local Bylaw, 907 kb

Growing Greener, Putting Conservation into Local Codes, 898 kb

Assessment of Cluster Development Commonland, Commonwealth of Massachusetts, Dept. of Revenue, (link)

Growth Management Strategies, by D. Santomenna and S. Moses,9 kb